Seed cycling

Discover how seed cycling can help balance your hormones naturally. Learn about the benefits of seed cycling and incorporate it into your daily routine for optimal hormonal health.
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When we hear things like “cycle syncing” or “seed cycling” it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and in my opinion, it is sometimes made way more complex than it needs to be. So, in the name of trying to keep things simple, I’m going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point. What it […]

Amie Bergquist
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These seed cycling balls are the MOST delicious way to get in your daily seeds for seed cycling. Seed cycling can help naturally balance female hormones, and my third baby is proof! Loaded with peanut butter, dried cranberries, honey, and chocolate chips, they're so delicious that they're also my very favorite energy ball.

Peytan Knobbe
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I lost my period for over two years after going off the hormonal birth control pill. My hormones were a mess, and I experienced a number of unpleasant symptoms including breakouts, digestive issues, and dramatic mood swings. But with the help of Seed Cycling, supplementation, and a few simple lifes

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