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Design a tranquil self care space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Explore our top ideas for creating your perfect sanctuary and prioritize self-care in your daily routine.
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In this post learn how to incorporate Self-care ideas into your bedroom design. I will go over what self-care means to me in conjunction with decor. Read about what colors work well to create a self-care routine in your bedroom. A bedroom inspirational rendering shows you the self-care aesthetic in

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When I put up this post about being Highly Sensitive back in July 2018 I had no idea it would touch so many people! This blog post has reached thousands of people — introducing a whole community of people to the concept of High Sensitivity. Personally, learning about being Highly Sensitive has drama

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Wrapping yourself up in something insanely comfy is super soothing — whether you're sick, stressed, or just want to veg. You should probably aim to spend at least $50 on a good faux fur blanket, Deleon suggests, but don't feel bad splurging on something between $75 and $200. This one's available from Urban Outfitters for $179.

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