Self sufficient homestead

Transform your property into a self-sufficient homestead that supports sustainable living. Explore top ideas and tips to produce your own food, generate renewable energy, and live off the grid.
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We'll go over some of the homestead startup costs, and how to start a homestead from scratch with nothing and little to no finances. You've read up on what homesteading is, you've set some first year homesteading goals, and now you're ready to get started! But wait! You're just making it by on paycheck to

Casey bingham
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12:13 pm - 48 degrees - light rain and fog... You stroll out in to the garden, picking ripe fruits and vegetables, knowing that come February you’ll still be enjoying their freshness. For those of us attracted to the romantic aspects of self-sufficient life, this is an appealing scenario and one that we’re seriously looking into. After searching the internet and Pinterest – this is what I found out... {photo source:} Root cellars, the ancient technology that enables the…

Lanna Donn