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If you’ve been following along, then you know that I've had a few projects going on around my house these last few months! I started working on My Dressing Room Makeover a little before I took on My Pantry for the One Room Challenge, and refreshed My Entryway with the paint color that I’ve always wa

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"It was a dressing room, as I supposed from the furniture, though much of it was of forms and uses quite unknown to me. But prominent in it was a draped table with a gilded looking glass, and I made that out at first sight to be a fine lady's dressing table." ~Charles Dickens, 'Great Expectations' I have been working on this post for quite awhile - taking photographs and choosing the ones I liked best. I love dressing tables - they make me think of old-world fashion and femininity. Ladies in…

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A couple of years ago we downsized our big house and bought this little one level fixer in the same neighborhood our two college kids grew up in. What we soon found out was that even though we downsized, company didn't. When you live in Oregon, it becomes a great destination in the summer for those that live in the desert! My original studio plan did not allow for an extra bed for my daughter when out of town guests invaded her room. Recently, with my parents coming for an extended stay to…

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Have you ever thought that you deserved a dressing room? Do you have little room in your bedroom for the huge walk-in closet that let’s face it, every woman needs. If you feel that your closet space is simply not enough or you just have a small bedroom that is basically sitting empty, you can turn that bedroom into an elegant dressing room or just a basic storage closet and you do not have to spend much time or money to do it. If you are ready to have the dressing room of your dreams, you…

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"Who knew Amazon had so much shabby chic décor?" Is what I tweeted the other day after searching Amazon for décor for my feminine master bedroom. You may know already if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram that I love the shabby chic look. It's so pretty and English and fancy and floral. I

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