Shadowhunters family tree

Explore the complex family connections in the Shadowhunters universe by delving into the detailed family tree. Discover the secrets, relationships, and histories of your favorite characters.
Blackthorn Family Tree The Mortal Instruments, Fandom, City Of Bones, Libros, The Dark Artifices, The Infernal Devices, Lecture, Clockwork Angel, Clace

The Blackthorn family is an old and wealthy Shadowhunter family. In the early 18th century, Felix and Adelaide Blackthorn married and had four children: Abner, Jerome, Ezekiel, and Annabel. They later took in a warlock child named Malcolm, intending to raise him and use him as a tool for any magical assistance. Their youngest son, Ezekiel, did not share his family's views and denounced the family name and Shadowhunter life. He relocated to America where he fell in love and started his own…

Lightwood family tree City Of Bones, Books, Films, Book Nerd, Book Fandoms, Book Tv, Book Worms, Fandoms, Film

The Lightwood family is an old and influential Shadowhunter family made up of generations of individuals who have been held with high regard or were at least well-known and were able to leave legacies during their time. The Lightwoods, as such an old family, have a great deal of wealth and history. They have lived in London, Idris, and New York at different periods of time, often with high positions in the Clave. Throughout history, the Lightwoods were known for their snobbish attitudes and…

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