Shakespeare plays

Explore the timeless world of Shakespeare plays and immerse yourself in the beauty of his language. Discover the top plays that will transport you to another era and leave you captivated by their powerful storytelling.
Antonia Jo: Artist Series: Michael Logsdon, Historical Illustrations Scene, Art, Verona, Humour, Scenes, Picture, Juliet, Scene Drawing, Internet

I have known my friend Mike for a long time--I used to work on scarf designs with him at Echo Design Group (what seems like a decade ago--oh yeah, it was!). In addition to being a talented artist, he is also a history buff and has an epic knowledge of trivia. Which is probably one of the reasons we get along so well! He has combined his love of history and stories with his artistic abilities to create some wonderful illustrations. He has written a little bit about himself as well as…

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