Sheldon cooper

Explore the life and quirks of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Learn about his genius mind, hilarious antics, and endearing personality. Join the Sheldon Cooper fan club and dive into the world of this iconic character.
Sheldon is extremely afraid of falling sick and is paranoid about going near anyone who is sick or anything that can make him sick, hence the bug spray in this picture. Humour, Matt Bomer, Sheldon, Sheldon Cooper, Parsons, Laugh, Humor, Gay, Theories

Sheldon Cooper form The Big Bang Theory is theoretical physicist and an icon for geeks around the world. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, whose real name is Jim Parsons, is the highlight of The Big Bang Theory and has a massive fan following because of his intelligence, quirky habits, sarcasm and an absolute lack of social skills. Now why would we all love a person like that? Let's find out by reading up on a short biography of facts and idiosyncrasies of Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons.

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