Silk painting techniques

Discover unique silk painting techniques to create beautiful and vibrant designs on silk. Learn how to mix colors, use different brush strokes, and create stunning textures for your silk paintings.
Silk Painting 101: The Marker Resist Method an online course with silk artist Laura Fox-Wallis — Rooted Expressions Studio Painting Techniques, Studio, Fox, Silk Painting Techniques, Artist, Hand Painted, Marker, Method, Painted Scarf

Silk Painting 101: The Marker Resist Technique, taught by silk artist Laura Fox-Wallis, teaches you everything you need to know to paint on silk. This course takes you through the marker resist process from start to finish, covering everything from supplies, patterns, color mixing, silk painting techniques, and setting the dye. By the end you will have created your very own hand-painted scarf!

Brieana Johnson
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Any of you that paint on silk will be familiar with the alcohol technique. For those of you that don't paint on silk you may be surprised to know that it doesn't mean having a wee dram before starting the project. Alcohol is used to displace the dye to form patterns by painting onto dry unfixed dyed silk. It will only work with dyes, not silk paints, as long as the silk dye has not been fixed. My sequence of pics show the process in stages. 1. After stretching the silk on the frame I painted…

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MADE TO ORDER. Gentle and romantic shawl-picture is formed on a quality natural silk. It can be worn as a scarf, can be issued as a picture and hang it on the wall. Dimensions: 27" / 27", 35" / 35". * Hand painted by professional ( non toxic ) paints. * Water and light resistant. * Hand rolled stiched. * Handmade gift wrapping with recommendations for washing silk products. The colorful floral scarf will give you the joy and energy of spring, will emphasize your individuality and taste…