Silversmithing tutorials

Discover the secrets of silversmithing and master the craft with our comprehensive tutorials. From basic techniques to advanced projects, explore our collection for inspiration and start creating your own stunning silver jewelry today.
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Silversmithing With Impression Dies (Advanced): Hey guys, this is a very long instructable lol. I wanted to just give an overview of these kinds of dies, but then I got carried away. If you just want to see how it works, skip to the middle, because the first steps are about the history/the dies, …

Christina Guzman
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In this guide I'm going to list the basic tools and materials you'll need to just get started with silversmithing. Since I started jewelry making using silver and joined the metalsmithing Facebook groups I've done my fair share of asking what tools others use and scouring the internet comparing tool

Cathy Maddox
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When I first started silversmithing I thought for sure a prong setting would be easier to tackle before trying to make a bezel setting. I was told over and over by my smithing friends that I should master bezel making before attempting a prong setting.