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Engage in fun and educational solar eclipse activities to learn more about this celestial phenomenon. Discover ideas for both kids and adults to make the most of a solar eclipse.
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Are you planning to watch the 2024 solar eclipse with your students? Or are you learning about eclipses in science and looking for engaging ideas? Try this solar eclipse craft activity for kids to show the five stages of a solar eclipse. This fun, hands-on activity is perfect for science lessons, or before watching a solar eclipse. The example shows the stages of a total solar eclipse but you could adapt it for other types (e.g. annular or partial eclipses).

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This DIY eclipse shirt is fun for solar eclipse crafts or lunar eclipse crafts! How to make your own eclipse shirt glow in the dark! Add to your eclipse lessons! This Eclipse Phase T-Shirt was one of our favorite crafts for kids! #eclipsecraft #solareclipselessons #lunareclipselesson #STEAM #STEM

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Discover the wonders of solar eclipses with our engaging STEM activities! 🌒✨ Explore the science behind eclipses as you create a captivating paper plate model and construct a safe and fun pinhole viewer. Unlock the mysteries of the sun, moon, and Earth in a hands-on, educational adventure perfect for young astronomers. Turn learning into an unforgettable experience today! 🚀🌞 #STEMeducation #SolarEclipse #AstronomyForKids

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The country is buzzing about the solar eclipse that will include a path of totality across major portions of the United States on Monday, 8/21/17. I will have to admit, I am pretty excited about this once in a lifetime event. While our address is not directly in the path of totality, we are at ... Read More about Ultimate List of Solar Eclipse Resources for Kids {printables, unit studies, crafts, food, and more!}

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