Sonic Screwdriver

Unlock the secrets of the Sonic Screwdriver and dive into the world of Doctor Who. Discover the history, functions, and iconic moments of this iconic tool and get ready to embark on your own time-traveling adventures.
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High-quality 3d model of Sonic Screwdriver. Photoreal with super detail. Features: - High-quality polygonal model, - Model is fully textured with all materials applied. - 4 PBR Textures set.: Diffuse, Base Color, IOR, Gloss, Heigh, IOR, Normal, Reflection, Specular, Emission, Opacity - No special plugin needed to open scene. - Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images. - 4k resolution for textures - The original format is 3ds Max. - There is also a scene to FBX…

Florby Grom

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