Sons of jacob

Explore the intriguing tale of the Sons of Jacob and their lasting influence. Discover their motivations, struggles, and the lessons we can learn from their journey.
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Believe it or not, this is a loaded question. Bible skeptics cite this question as an example of the Bible contradicting itself, and therefore being unreliable. Although many of the supposed “contradictions” in the Bible can be explained and proven to not actually be contradictions at all when the proper context is applied, this one … Continue reading "How Many of Jacob’s Descendants Went to Egypt- 70 or 75?"

Suzy Peterson
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This is an easy way to teach the 12 sons of Jacob and how they became the 12 tribes of Israel. Students always understand the changes after this lesson. Sorry, these are older photos of the visuals I created and not good camera quality. Click here to see an updated set of printables with these graphics. Click here to see a newer and updated lesson, visuals and printables. Print Sons poster here Print Tribes poster here I made today's visual using a tri-fold science foam board and clipart…

Pat Hickenlooper