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Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the South with our collection of stunning Southern art. Experience the vibrant colors, intricate details, and captivating stories depicted in these artworks.
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Soulful and Storied: At Home with Bellamy Murphy originally appeared in the Winter 2018 print edition of Paprika Southern. To see the full feature in print, along with festive holiday recipes, our clean beauty shopping guide, a conversation with community activist Coco Papy, and much more, order

Janet Harrell
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This is an Amish boy walking back to his home from the field he was working in... he turned and waved as I drove past - such a genuine wave. I felt badly that I had stolen this picture of him. They so intrigue me. In driving around, I saw an Amish school house too - there are so many - but this one had horrible graffiti on the outside of it. Big black spray paint depicting a gun pointing in the side of a big smiley face. Why? All the while the kids in the yard were just playing away. I just…

Urmi Mandal