Stacked pumpkins

Get inspired by these creative and festive ideas for stacked pumpkins. Elevate your fall decor with unique arrangements that will impress your guests.
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I’m obsessed with pumpkin stacks…and stacks…and stacks… That shouldn’t surprise you because I’ve confessed once (or twice) that I have Pumpkin Fever. The photo above is a stack of pumpkins that I’ve placed on my fireplace hearth. A good use of a hearth when it’s 90+ degrees outside and you want to remind yourself that […]

Stephanie Shoemaker
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Fall is finally here, and so are these amazing $5 Dollar Tree Plus stackable pumpkins! Ideas for making these over are going viral all over TikTok. While the traditional orange pumpkins are always a classic look for a pumpkin topiary, there are so many other ways to add some seasonal charm to your home decor