Steak tartare

Indulge in the bold flavors of steak tartare with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover how to prepare this classic dish at home and treat yourself to a gourmet culinary experience.
Steak Tartare Recipe Gordon Ramsay - Table for Seven

Today you will learn How to Make Classic Steak Tartare Recipe From Gordon Ramsay (Beef Tartare) at home. Delicious, bold, and meaty, this elegant dish can be served at dinner parties or on weeknights. It doesn't require cooking at all.

Mihaela Fetea
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Before moving to France, I had heard of steak tartare but it wasn’t something I was familiar with and I had definitely never tasted it. Steak tartare, also called beef tartare, was not a common meal growing up in my suburban New Jersey household and sounded like something fancy and foreign to my ear. My father-in-law eats it regularly and in France, beef tartare is quite common and an easy-to-make meal. So what is steak tartare and how do the French eat it?

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