Summer outdoor party

Get ready to host the ultimate summer outdoor party with these fun and festive ideas. From delicious BBQ recipes to creative decor, make your party a memorable event for all your guests.
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Eleanora Isabella Bianchi is a 16 years old girl who hasn't left her 'home' for last 5 years. Her parents divorced when she was 5 and since then she has lived with her mother. Her mom got remarried when she was 9 and then her stepfather moved in with them. One day her 'parents' got into an accident killing her mom and sending her stepfather to the hospital in a critical condition. It is then when her oldest brother agrees to take her guardianship and she moves in with them. She has a total…

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We have a standing family movie night every Friday. But when you have small kids, somehow they forget about it, and you get to basically surprise them with “Christmas” every week. So imagine how excit

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Celebrate good weather with an outdoor party. You want any party you host to go smoothly, so be prepared in all aspects of planning is essential.Whether you're having a pool party, a backyard barbecue, or a rooftop gathering, avoid these mistakes to make sure your guests are having fun.

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