Surface decoration

Transform your space with unique and creative surface decoration ideas. Discover how to add personality and style to your home or office with these inspiring surface decoration techniques.
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I have been creating, soda firing and documenting simple straight sided cylinders with a variety of surface treatments for examples for my classes and this blog. The original idea was to create demos to show students that aren't specifically "my pieces." The fun result of this project

Amy Bell
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I am currently taking an instructional development class in preparation for teaching next semester. One of our assignments was to create a ten minute micro lesson. Here is the handout that I created to accompany the lesson. Paper Stencils Micro Lesson Instructor: Kelly Daniels University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Fall 2014 Using Paper Stencils to Create Pattern and Texture on Clay Objectives: 1. Identify papers to be used for stencils. 2. Learn basic methods for creating stencils. 3…

Dale Ulmer