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Explore a world of surreal portraits that will take your breath away. Let your imagination run wild as you discover the most captivating and thought-provoking artworks.
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Exclusive Interview with Steven Kenny, 1st Prize Winner, INPRNT Traditional Art Award, 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Delve into the magically surreal compositional elements of Steven Kenny's creative visions... where anything seems possible. Let his emotive work engage your imagination and transport your artistic wanderings. In this exclusive interview (conducted by Christopher Inwood), we learn about Steven Kenny's motivation to enter the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and gain invaluable…

Lisa Roberts
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In Rafael Silveira’s Unportraits, magenta curls and slick, turquoise coifs frame the bizarre scenarios unfolding in a subject’s mind. The Brazilian artist, who gravitates towards oil paints in shades of pink and blue, translates a character’s psyche through wilting flowers, gashes in the earth’s surface, and parrots with feathers that drip like wet paint. Anatomical elements like singular eyes, hearts sprouting veins, and twisting brain matter bolster the unearthly qualities of each work…

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The people in Carl Beazley's portraits seem to be fighting internal battles to hold back their grimaces and make straight faces. His oil paintings feature young people wearing multiple expressions at once. Several small faces inhabit their full-sized heads, each one sending a conflicting signal. Some of Beazley's portraits look like a time lapse of a single gesture, while others are meant to confuse and amuse viewers with their incongruities.

Miss Anderson