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Surrealism Photography

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26/365 Speedy edit from me today, I've got a suitcase to pack and a car to drive to Norfolk! Coupla' days shooting, with friends to be made and beaches to be explored. So today's shot is a little rushed! Have a great weekend people :-) **update** So I just nestled into my cosy hotel room in Norfolk. I've had a wonderful day. I went to breakfast with my darling's second wife, who is absolutely wonderful and warm. Being around her makes me feel like I am with him again, hearing her stories of their time together is learning new things about him all over again. The times where I really want to talk to him, to keep asking him about his life and the things he's done, I get to do that through her and his friends. More of that will come, hopefully, in the future :-) I had a lovely drive over, he was constantly in my thoughts as he always is. He's becoming imprinted into my mind, I can feel it happening. It's funny, actually, people say that every day goes by and nothing ever feels like it changes in life, until you look up 20 years later and it's all different. Not for me. I feel every inch of my life changing all the time, I can feel it shift and move, become lighter and heavier. Every day feels like a step forward, it's a step further away from the last time I saw him, but a step closer to going wherever he went, and regardless what lies for us after we go, if he's blazed the trail then it can't be too bad. He's either waiting for me, or there's no more living without him, so death for me has become a win-win :-) Re-reading that sounds quite dark, but I don't mean it to be. I love living, I cherish the time I have been given in this body and I am grateful every day for the gifts of kindness, touch, taste, colour, wind on my skin, the smell of the air, the light on different surfaces. I adore it, it sustains me. When things are good, I worship life. When things are hard, being grateful for life helps me step out of the bad situation. When things are downright awful, letting my mind fall silent and being quietly in those things has been my boat in a raging sea. I always used to dread death, be so scared of not knowing, I used to be so scared of feeling like I hadn't made the best of what I've had. Being with him has completed me in so many ways, and by that I mean completed the Experience of Life I hoped I would be able to have. I felt so loved, and I loved. I loved without expectation or condition, I loved him ever so simply. I still feel loved, I still feel special. I feel him around me everywhere. I feel him smile at me and the decisions I make, I feel him guide me and playfully keep watch over the Bad. Maybe it's just a loony part of grieving, but whatever, I'll take it. If it's a part of my mind, it's a part of my life that nature wants me to have, and since his energy is now a part of nature, then he wants me to have it. So it is mine :-) Anyway, I had a little crash after such a lovely, light day. Writing this has helped. That's all from me, night night world.

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This Is What Happens When You Have A Creative Mother At Home

Vanessa Rivera is a 28-year-old blogger and a future educator from Southern California. Besides this, she’s also an amazing mom of three beautiful children, who enjoys turning their daily lives into magical adventures. It has become a part of Vanessa’s daily routine to photograph her kids, and all the editing begins when they go to their beds at night.

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220/365 - The Wait

I know I said I would really be trying not to miss days, but I had a crazy past couple of days, and I have also been working on this piece, which took a lot longer than I was hoping it would. This was the most labor intensive image I have made so far, both the shoot and the edit. I am going to be in Detroit all day tomorrow for a Tigers game, so I will probably have to do something really simple tomorrow. Hope you're having a good weekend. Tumblr Facebook

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Train locomotion and guitar music - Digital Art.

Train tracks and Guitar strings. Digital Art as Surrealism and Imagination. Click the image, for more art from Okan Özel.

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Blog de poesía donde encontrarás todo tipo de poemas, desde poemas de amor hasta poemas feministas. Poemas originales escritos por mi.

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Huseyin Sahin Art

Istanbul-based visual artist Hüseyin Şahin doesn't just blend photos together; He blends reality and fantasy to create spectacularly surreal scenes.

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‘Umbrella Lifting’ by Adrian Limani

'Umbrella Lifting' by Adrian Limani. Conceptual photography,basis in my own photos.

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