Taylor swift street style 2015

Get inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic street style looks from 2015. Discover top fashion ideas to recreate her effortlessly chic and trendy outfits.
You know how Taylor Swift always holds her bag like this? There's a reason for it! Come hear how a body language expert explains what it reveals about Taylor's personality. Celebrity Style, Haute Couture, Casual, Clothes, Outfits, Celebrities, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Style, Fashion Trends

When you compare snaps of Taylor Swift side-by-side, it becomes clear, super fast, just how much the star has a look going on. From her favorite outfit combo to the particular way she carries her top-handle bags, it's a signature she's repeating too much for it to be total coincidence—right? We connected with Tonya Reiman, author and body language expert, at an event for Caress, and asked her all about it. "It's a very demonstrative pose," Reiman told us of the way Swift carries her Prada…