Text to text connections

Improve reading comprehension and critical thinking skills by making text-to-text connections. Discover how this strategy can deepen understanding and expand knowledge.
Math anchor chart for comparing numbers (less than, greater than, equal to) Math Classroom, Kindergarten Math, Maths, Classroom Ideas, Number Anchor Charts, Math Charts, Math Number Sense, Math Numbers, Second Grade Math

I never really used anchor charts and if I did they were just plain old boring. I never realized they were boring until I discovered pinterest. I thought "Man, my anchor charts are blaaah, compared to these!" So the creative person in me said "Move over sista, it's time for the real star to shine!" HAHAHA I really don't think THAT highly of myself, maybe just a little. This year our school mandated that we have anchor charts displayed in our classroom AND it needed to be student interacted…

Judy LeBouf