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The Civil Protection, also known as the "metro cops" and "CPs", is the police force responsible for law enforcement of all Combine citizens on Earth, including City 17. Its officers are called and Resistance members when referring to them. The Overwatch Voice uses the term "Protection" and "Protection Teams." While being part of the Combine Overwatch, Civil Protection officers are ordinary human volunteers who have "willingly" joined the Combine. Civil Protection officers joined either for…

The Combine is the main opposing force in the video game Half-life 2, created by Valve Corporation. Also referred to as the Universal Union or Our Benefactors, the Combine is a conglomeration of many different species, that spans multiple universes. The Combine forcibly invades new universes, drains planets of their resources, and assimilates the native lifeforms into the empire, bioengineering them to make them better suited for its purposes. The role of leadership and organisation of the... Art, Sci Fi, Character Art, Videos, Video Game, Soldier, Game Art, Dystopia, Enemy

The Combine, officially the Universal Union, is a massive interdimensional empire spanning multiple conquered universes, with trillions of galaxies and millions of subjugated species under its control. It is known for its ruthless authoritarian nature and its advanced technology, especially in the field of bioengineering their subjects into organic machines known as 'synths'. The Combine's origins are unknown, possibly dating back billions of years. Their leadership and administrative…

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