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I Had Fun Making This Image About Heavy Thoughts

I developed this concept and directed the photoshoot for a Dutch comedian. I always love creating images with a twist, especially when there is some weird humor in it! In this show burden of evidence the comedian thinks a lot of heavy thoughts and convicts himself. So I literally made his head really big and heavy.

Eric Gann
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The Best Temple Fade Haircuts For Men, According To Barbers | FashionBeans

The temple fade is a lesser-known barbering technique that will add a contemporary twist to any classic cut. These are the best temple fade haircuts for men, according to leading UK barbers

Claudia Pérez López
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Anatomy Top Down Head Construction

Sketching the head of a character or subject at an angle. The top down view is not that common but may be useful when drawing a character at a table in a restaurant for example. The key thing here is understanding the shape of the skull as a whole and foreshortening of the facial features.

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