The last judgment

Explore captivating artworks depicting the Last Judgment, a powerful biblical event that has been a subject of inspiration for artists throughout history. Discover the profound symbolism and intense emotions captured in these masterpieces.
THE MIND'S EYE: GREED, GAIN, CONTROL AND THE CERTAINTY THAT THERE IS NO GOD  Can anyone be certain that this world is all there is? Jesus Christ, Christ, The Last Judgment, Isaiah 25, Christian Art, Catholic Faith, Bible Questions, Religious Images, Catholic

Some men convince themselves that there is no Higher Source in the universe. They tell themselves that there is no life beyond this life, no worlds beyond this world. Hence, the race through this life trying to grab all they can. They manipulate economies, they oppress the poor, they play war games for profit and even enter into such territories as population control through various means. There are those who consider themselves the chosen and the elite and everyone else is beneath them…

Paul Caiden-Psychic