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Join the Tiger Scouts for exciting activities and adventures that will inspire and empower young minds. Discover the top ideas to build character, develop skills, and create lifelong memories.
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What Are The Cub Scout Tiger Requirements? (2024)

What Are The Cub Scouts Tiger Requirements? The Tiger Cub Scout Requirements consists of 6 Required Adventures and 13 Elective Adventures. Cub Scouts has 6 different ranks, the Tiger Cub Scout rank is for first graders. Find What You Want Fast – Table of Contents Tiger Cub Scout – Required Adventures The following 6 Adventures ... Read more

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Cub Scout Awards Tracker

Cub Scout Awards Tracker (With Free Printables) Organize and simplify your year in Cub Scouts with this free Awards Tracker. Keep track of all of your completed adventures all year long using this fun and colorful printable checklist. Cub Scouts Awards Checklist With Free Printable Keeping track of a scouts earned awards can be overwhelming. ... Read more

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