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A tiny house on wheels is an ideal starter home for many. However, as a family grows and kids get older, space needs often grow too. But what becomes of the tiny home? Today we share the story of how one family recouped their initial financial investment and then generated a steady and fulfilling source

Lisa Belding
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After downsizing, it is definitely doable for one or two people to fit into a tiny house. But downsizing for a small family is a little more difficult. In the long run, children don’t need a lot of personal items, but both they and their parents do need space. So what types of tiny houses

Nayeli Trevino
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In 2015, single mom to a daughter and graphic designer Shalina Kell decided she was tired of high-rent apartment life in the California Bay area. So, she moved to her father’s country property in West Sacramento and lived in a travel trailer with her daughter while building a tiny house on wheels. Shalina had been inspired by TV shows like George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces while also being influenced by her contractor father and gaining inspiration from Pinterest. Two years of planning…

Sherry Parker
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A friend recently gave me an example of the crazy prices that RVs are currently going for. A private party sale of a traditional “white box” travel trailer started at around $14,000 and a bidding war bumped up the final price to $40,000. The Gypsy BLISS Wagons* are far removed from the traditional "white box"

Leanne Westlin