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5 Activities to Honor Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with your class! To honor Women’s History Month (March), we’ve compiled a few activity ideas that will help young learners better understand women’s role in history. Along with the activities, we’ve suggested a few related book titles for inspiration. 1. Make a modern recruitment poster for women Women in history have made insurmountable contributions to the war effort. Some were nurses who saved lives on the battlefield while others ran businesses and cared…

Claire S
American History project idea...could assign a president or important historical figure to each student. Timeline Ideas For School Projects, History Fair Boards, Wax Museum School Project, History Fair Projects, Tri Fold Poster Board, Wax Museum Project, Tri Fold Poster, Biography Report, American History Projects

Wax Museum!

Every year all of our 5th graders participate in our school's Wax Museum program. It is seriously one of the highlights of the entire school year! Here's a run down of how things work: -Students choose a biography on a famous American. -They read the book and complete the American Hero book report. -They design a poster, create a costume, and memorize information about their hero. -For the Wax Museum, the students bring all their stuff and set up in the gym. -We invite our school, parents…

Melinda Baum

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