Tyrion lannister

Explore the fascinating journey of Tyrion Lannister, from his cunning strategies to his witty remarks. Discover the remarkable character that has captured the hearts of Game of Thrones fans everywhere.
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Let's face it, there are definitely high points and low points in your day when you're a dedicated plant-based eater. Here are 25 facial expressions that anyone who keeps animals out of their diets have donned at least once in their lives. Probably some much more than others.

Lisa Eschbaumer
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The makers of Game Of Thrones have tried to stay as faithful to George R. R. Martin's books as possible, but some changes simply must be made when a book is translated into a visual medium.Characters are often changed to make them, and their appearance, more visually appealing to viewers, which is why that imp Tyrion Lannister is still a sympathetic character:“Tyrion’s fingers went to the great gash that ran from above one eye down to his jaw, across what remained of his nose. The proud…