Undercut tattoos

Explore the world of undercut tattoos and get inspired by unique designs and ideas. Find the perfect undercut tattoo that suits your style and make a bold statement.
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A head tattoo can be very out in the open and will likely leave a strong impression with people who see it, this in addition to the very painful area that gets tattooed makes it one of the most important tattoo decisions you certainly do not want to take lightly. Although very highly visible a head tattoo can ... Read more

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The 50 Coolest Shaved Hairstyles for Women - Hair Adviser Long Hair Shaved Sides, Shaved Side Haircut, Deathhawk, Side Haircut, Side Cut Hairstyles, Bgcolor, Woman Hairstyles, Undercut Long Hair, Shaved Side Hairstyles

If you feel like it’s time to look at shaved hairstyles for women, then your inner badass is totally trying to break free. Listen to your inner voice and pick one of these amazing styles we have found for you! 1. Short Curly Hair with a Shaved Back. Don’t part with your unruly curls if …

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