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01. The phenomenon of black-eyed children, often portrayed as eerie, pale-skinned youngsters with entirely black eyes. It all began with journalist Brian Bethel's accounts of unsettling encounters with these entities in 1996. " When two black-eyed kids asked to..

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1. In 2014, astronomers discovered that 18 giant blue stars were being ejected out of our galaxy and they were unsure how the stars were being propelled. Unlike most other known hypervelocity stars, these are not exiting after interacting with the black hole in the heart of the galaxy. Leaving the galaxy takes a phenomenal amount of energy. Stars must reach speeds 1 million mph (1.6 million km/h) faster than the 600,000 mph (970,000 km/h) at which objects already speed around the Milky Way.

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The world is full of wonders and mysteries. How much do we not know from what happened in the past? Most definitely more than we do know. Being a historian or actually any scientist means you have to interpret the evidence you collect in your investigation. It might be that they’re right or that their interpretation is off, or that they can’t even come up with an interpretation.