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An expert mechanic reveals what he looks for when buying a used motorcycle. Grab a copy of his checklist to avoid making expensive mistakes. Bobber Custom, Custom Baggers, Custom Bikes, Inspection Checklist, Car Checklist, Car Budget, Motorcycle Tips, Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Quotes

Our resident expert mechanic Matt McLeod reveals what he looks for when buying a used motorcycle. I take a checklist with me when I look at a used bike. I’m never expecting a secondhand bike to be flawless, but I’m looking for problems—and assessing 'how much' it will take me to correct these problems, either with time or money. Generally nothing is a ‘show stopper,’ but it should determine the price you are prepared to pay for the bike. I use this list to document the problems I find, so I…

Damon Johnson
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A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle driven by an engine with no pedals. Motorcycles can vary in design for several factors, including performance, form, and cost, but the basic anatomy of any motorcycle remains the same. You love to ride your motorcycle but have only insufficient knowledge of its parts. While you don’t need to be a professional mechanic, you should know about the parts to make intelligent decisions when replacing them.

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