Valentine's day treats

Indulge in delectable Valentine's Day treats that will add a sweet touch to your celebration. Explore top ideas to surprise your loved ones with irresistible desserts and snacks.
Valentine's Day Dessert: Puff Pastry Hearts | Sprinkle of This

Fancy heart shaped puff pastry filled with fresh whipped cream, sliced strawberries and topped with a drizzle of Nutella. Try these puff pastry hearts for a quick and easy Valentine's dessert recipe. I had a dream about these cute little puff pastry hearts filled with fresh cream, bright red strawberries and loads of Nutella. Everyone

Dana O'Donnell
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I can't be the only one who gets hit by a wave of nostalgia whenever I see Little Debbie heart snack cakes get put on the shelves. Back in elementary school, Valentine's Day class parties were simply not complete without a box of these! Taste Test My sister, Mollie, is planning to throw a Valentine's

Jessica Johnson
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Channeling our inner child with these homemade strawberry mini pop tarts! Made with a soft and flaky crust and filled with a delicious juicy strawberry filling, these pretty pink pop tarts make the perfect Valentine's day treat. Made gluten free and vegan too!

Kate Ianello-Weaver