Vampire skull

Add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor with unique vampire skull decorations. Explore top ideas to create a chilling atmosphere for your haunted house.
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Some Bizarre Skulls Found around the World Archaeologists from all over the world have been discovering strange artifacts for the past centuries, some of them are gold coins embedded in coal and other evidences of landing of UFOs in the fields that left the marks behind. Recently, very unique type of small bones have been discovered on the islands of Indonesia and this has led to the concept of existence of another different type species of humans, now known as Homo Floresiensis. Similarly…

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Mystic Crypt Vampire Skull [9409] - Vampire Skull. Features a skull with vampire teeth. There is felt on the bottom to protect your table. Meticulously Crafted and Masterfully hand-painted, sculpted, and cast in high quality resin. Great for any Goth collector. This figurine Measures: Height: 3 3/4" x Width: 3 1/2" x Depth: 4 3/4" Find more

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