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Learn how to interpret cat radiographs (x-rays) Veterinary Radiology, Vet Clinics, Veterinarian Technician, Veterinary Studies, Vet Medicine, Veterinary Technician, Vet Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Tech

This page has a wide variety of radiographs on cats. Before going through this page you might want to take a gander at our Learning How to Read a Radiograph page. Once we show you the normals that are labeled see if you can figure out what is going on with the abnormal radiographs. Good

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veterinary ear kit Vet Medicine, Vet Tech, Veterinary Technician, Vet Med, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarian Technician, Veterinary Tech, Veterinarians Medicine, Veterinary Care

Procedure kits are compiled to perform a specific procedure. Kit contains all necessary tools to perform the specific procedure. We have a wide range of dental prophy kits, castration and spay kits, ear and eye examination kits and veterinary postmortem kit.

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