Vintage heart

Discover unique vintage heart jewelry and decor ideas to add a touch of nostalgia and romance to your style. Find the perfect piece to express your love and create a timeless look.
Angeles, Hart, Hoa, Ange, Sanat, Kunst, Ilustrasi, Engel, Fotografie may be thinking, I see Lorraine's been busy making lots of valentines... I'll bet she's received some pretty sweet valentines from her swap partners. Well, yes...yes I have! Here's a little gallery of the beautiful valentines I received from my lovely swap partners at Paper Whimsy. ♥From Julie Loeschke: ♥From Alison Kissling: ♥From Trish Duncan: ♥From Mary Ann Severin: ♥From Marti McClure: ♥From Heather Corn: ♥From Carolyn Huber: ♥From Chris Thuerk: ♥From Wendy Aspinall: ♥From…

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Valentine Puzzle Hankie, Handkerchief, special folds, secret message, decoration, for more information about this puzzle hankie please click on the link to my blog post about it: Vintage, Art, Apps, Tattoos, Cards, Ideas, Valentine's Day, Vintage Handkerchiefs, Valentines Cards

Many years ago I collected vintage Valentine hankies. It started when I found a poinsettia Christmas hankie in my mother’s things after she died. I remembered her carrying it. Soon after, I was wandering around an antique mall and found another one, and why have one when you can have two…or three

Beth G. Wilson