Vintage lockers

Discover unique and creative ideas to repurpose vintage lockers and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor. Get inspired and transform your space with these vintage locker DIY projects.
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Storage is a premium in our house, like with most older homes. Over the years I’ve had to get creative with how we store things, and in general, we’ve also just learned to get rid of anything we’re not using. With a home gym space, you need some storage though. That's where these vintage school

Kristupas Feuerschutz
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Ahh, metal lockers. A hallmark of the pre-teen years — of learning how to use a combination lock, P.E. class, and decking out the insides with mirrors, wire shelves, and magnets galore. Lockers can be immediately transportive to middle school, but Apartment Therapy has seen enough totally impressive locker revamps to prove that lockers often make for stylish storage solutions in almost any room. And now, here’s another to inspire you.

Amy Trotter