Vintage Paper Dolls

Relive the joy of childhood with these charming vintage paper dolls. Explore a collection of nostalgic characters and outfits to create your own imaginative stories.
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A popular series of Dolly Dingle paper dolls, by Grace Drayton, was a regular feature in the Pictorial Review magazine in the early 1900s. This page, from the January 1922 issue of the Pictorial Review magazine is titled Dolly Dingle and Sammy Go Skating. Included on the page are the Dolly Dingle and Sammy paper...Read More

"Betty Bonnet's College Sister" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Paper dolls from the Ladies' Home Journal, Sept. 1915 by Sheila Young. Ok for you to use in your altered art; not to be sold as is or reblogged or added to your Tumblr or Pinterest sites.

Linda Modrall
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This group is for scanned images of vintage (and vintage looking) paper dolls. This group is a good resource for illustrations and a collection of dolls to print to give to children to play with. <b>Please only add photos that have been scanned of the actual doll(s) and his/her clothing. Photos that don't meet these requirements will be deleted.</b>