Vintage tennis

Explore a wide range of vintage tennis collectibles and memorabilia that will take you back to the golden era of this beloved sport. Start building your collection today and relive the nostalgia of tennis history.
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Getting an old magazine or newspaper is a fantastic way to start exploring the past. See how people once used their language, what was included, and excluded. Memorizing events is all fine and dandy, but these don’t actually show how people would approach everyday life. Advertisements are a great way to approach what people liked and wanted.

Lana Treas
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While deep in some archival steez research, we happened upon a photo of a young John F. Kennedy, Jr. at the 6th annual RFK Tennis Tournament. Dressed in a pinkish, multi-striped shirt while smoking a cigarette and wearing an excellent mop of hair, the dude looked amazing. It turns out he wasn't the only one there that day that came to play the style games, as everyone from Chevy Chase to Ted Kennedy were done-up in their finest tennis whites. Little did they know that thanks to their…

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