Walnut butter

Discover the rich and creamy taste of walnut butter with these delightful recipes. Make your own homemade walnut butter and enjoy its nutritious goodness.
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This recipe for Homemade Walnut Butter couldn’t be any easier! Learn how to make Walnut Butter in a few simple steps. Walnuts + a food processor (or blender) is all you need for this yummy +easy recipe. The best part? No added oil! Use in your baking, on your oatmeal, or simply to spread on your toast, YUM!

Katarina Milovanović
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Holy freaking cow. I made this yesterday, and I almost died it was so good. Nut butters have become astronomically expensive. It’s really ridiculous. Even a big tub of almond butter from Costco or my favorite Azure is still almost $20. And that’s not even organic! Jeesh! One of my favorite things is to talk

Mish T