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Explore the fascinating and quirky aspects of Japan that you never knew existed. Discover the bizarre traditions, unique attractions, and offbeat experiences that make Japan truly one-of-a-kind.
“Japanese Stuff Without Context”: 40 Funny And Weird Pics That Showcase How Unique Japan Really Is

Let me guess which country is on your bucket list: the chances are it’s going to be Japan. The country of the rising sun lures tourists and nomads as one of the most unique destinations, capturing our imagination with attractions from robot restaurants to snake cafes. And then there’s the country’s rich history and unique culture that’s impossible to compete with. Think of martial arts, calligraphy and origami, geishas and tea ceremonies, as well as its popular culture with anime and video…

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A wee while ago, we looked at a behind-the-scenes snapshot of Godzilla out for a stroll with a lovely woman on his arm. It's a fantastic photo certainly, but this tableau was but one of dozens of endearingly weird shots of the famed monster off duty. Here's a boatload of casual kaiju photos from throughout Godzilla's…

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Uhh you may have recently seen La Carmina on German TV, with a giant peen... Ach du lieber! Finally, we can reveal details of the crazy Japanese travel TV show we shot in September. As you may know, Naomi Rubin and I run a Pirates production company. We do local producing or "fixing" for travel television shows, in

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