Whale costume

Transform into a majestic whale with these creative costume ideas for kids and adults. Dive into the world of imagination and make a splash at your next costume party.
Orca costume , but could be made in blue for a blue whale! Nice poofy fins... Not sure to stuff the fins or make out of cardboard. Maybe stuffing would be better... Orca Costume, Diy Whale, Whale Costume, Sew Halloween Costume, Theme Carnaval, Clever Halloween Costumes, Orca Whale, Costume For Halloween, Orca Whales

A Whale of a Costume

My son who is 3 decided after much time and thought that the perfect costume for Halloween this year would be a Killer Whale. Now I am not one to buy costumes in the first place but I looked up Killer whale costumes and found whale costumes for dogs and mascot costumes. After I finished my costume I did see some on e-bay for over $50 used. Ha! No thanks. I had an idea how I was going to do it, and figured someone else had to have done this before. I did find one other photo on the Internet…

Elaine Jelly
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How to make a whale costume - tippytupps

We love books in our house and we also love crafts so World Book Day is right up our street. It's not something that our school took part in previously but the last few years, they've taken a "dress up if you want to" approach. So this year the Bear asked to be Barney Willow

Ashleigh Aurora Tainatongo