What to do when bored productive

Discover productive activities to do when bored that will help you make the most of your time. Find top ideas to stay engaged and accomplish something meaningful.
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There are certain times in all of our lives when it’s understandable to be a little demanding: when planning a wedding, when having a baby, and maybe even when it’s your birthday. But as you’ll soon find out, some people use getting married as an excuse to turn into absolute monsters.

Zita Celie
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You know that feeling- the one you get while mindlessly scrolling through social media and the day slowly slips away from us. Why not use that time to do something productive? Being productive doesn't mean we have to go do chores or scratch off our to-do list; there are plenty of fun and even creative

Camryn Lomax
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Instead of mindlessly scrolling, do something more worthwhile with your time. Here are 101 things you can do without being on your phone...

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For most of us, Disney movies are nostalgic, reminding us of our childhoods and the cozy afternoons we spent surrounded by our loved ones. As we grow up, our perspective changes and we reevaluate some of the things in our lives. However, we usually don’t realize that we’ve got our rose-colored glasses on when it comes to the things that make up the foundations of our childhood.

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