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Enhance your bathroom with the elegance of a white faucet. Explore top designs that will add a touch of sophistication to your modern bathroom decor.
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And I’m not talking ‘do re mi’ kind of sing, I’m talking the belting out 80s rock ballads at high volume! #livingonaprayer #eternalflame. This kitchen is the heart of Bonnie’s dream home and it’ll definitely make you want to dance on that stage she likes to call … an island bench. I mean really, you

Julia lara
Loft MM by A.C. ARCHITECTS  white faucet Interior, Bathroom Interior, Design, Architecture, Bathroom Interior Design, Interiors, Window Remodel, Ideal Bathrooms, Home Remodeling

Loft MM is a private home located in Bilzen, Belgium. It was completed in 2012 by C.T. ARCHITECTS. Loft MM by A.C. ARCHITECTS: "This remodeling of a small ground floor storage space cum garage into a micro-loft sits within an existing historic shophouse that was completely converted in the early 1990's into an apar ...