White stove

Upgrade your kitchen with a beautiful white stove that adds a touch of elegance. Explore top ideas to create a stunning cooking space that will inspire your culinary adventures.
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We purchased our first Ilve range about 8 years ago, our second range last year, and here we are, another Ilve Nostalgie range. Today I'm sharing pictures of the install process, range details, and why we love our Ilve 36" Nostalgie Range. This is our third Ilve Range. Yes you heard that right! If you

Misty Gerhart
The 100+ Year Old Style That's Suddenly the Hottest Thing in Kitchens Home, Layout, Diy, Design, Dekorasyon, Modern, Inredning, Trendy Kitchen, House

You can’t swing a stick on Pinterest these days without hitting a photo of a kitchen with Shaker cabinets. And to be more specific: painted Shaker cabinets. This style, with its distinct stile and rail design, adds architectural definition without detracting too much from the rest of the room. As trends go, this one is pretty timeless. Above, a London kitchen with open shelves above and solid cabinets below, all painted a deep gray-blue.

Rachel Osborne