Whiteboard calendar aesthetic

Stay organized and add a touch of aesthetic to your space with these whiteboard calendar ideas. Discover creative ways to plan your schedule and stay on top of your tasks.
Yes, you can write on the walls with IdeaPaint whiteboard paint! Our reviewer loves it - http://www.workfromhomewisdom.com/product-reviews/office-product-reviews/office-product-reviews-whiteboard-paint/

Office product reviews - best kit for the home office It's essential to have the best tools for maximum productivity when you work from home, but it can be difficult to decide exactly what is the right purchase. The following office product reviews have been carried out by home workers with that purpose in mind. IdeaPaint whiteboard paint What is it? IdeaPaint whiteboard paint turns any wall or other non-porous surface into a whiteboard you can write on and then erase. How easy is it to use?…

Alex O Connor