Whole grain bread

Discover a variety of delicious whole grain bread recipes that are perfect for a healthier lifestyle. Bake your own bread at home and enjoy the benefits of whole grains in every slice.
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OK, it’s finally 85 degrees in Minneapolis, so we really have to get outside and do everything on the gas grill. Even Swedish Limpa Rye. Here’s how to do it, in a cloche, on the Grill: Mix up a batch of Limpa dough from the book, using the basic recipe, but swap 1 cup of […]

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Are you looking for a delicious whole grain bread? One that is render but also full of healthy whole grain goodness? This recipe is all that and more. It is simple to make with a straight dough method. The recipe is one that will make your house smell amazing and put everyone in a good mood. Click or pin for later.

A Red Spatula | Whole Wheat Baking+Cooking
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100% whole wheat bread recipe that yields soft, fiber-rich slices with a hint of sweetness. Add more whole grains to your diet without sacrificing taste. #wholewheatbread #homemadebread #bread via @foodiegavin

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