Wild horse pictures

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of wild horses through stunning pictures. Witness their grace, power, and untamed spirit in these captivating images.
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Watch this video and find out, how a horse says "Thank you!" There are many organizations that are making a difference for animals in distress. One of the most important is "Four Paws." They have a presence in the US and around Europe to help animals of all sorts. They have been responsible for the

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Champ, a wild stallion, saved a filly from drowning after she was caught in a river’s current. He was grazing along the Salt River in Tonto National Forest in Arizona with his family. While they were walking by the water, another family of wild horses appeared on the opposite bank. Champ watched as two playful

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Rafael Pease had decided to spend his 21st birthday snowboarding with a friend in Chile. But while he was enjoying himself, he thought he spotted a rock in the snow. It turned out the rock was actually a horse that was stuck very deep in the mountain snow. This young man knew he couldn't leave

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