Wine games

Add some excitement to your next gathering with these fun wine games. From blind tasting challenges to wine trivia, these games are sure to entertain your guests and enhance their wine knowledge.
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Today I am sharing a fun Free Printable Wine Trivia Quiz with Answer Key. You can play this game at any party that is comprising of adults, be it a birthday party, a housewarming party, a baby shower party and obviously this is a perfect game for a wine tasting party. You can check the knowledge of your guests regarding different wines and grapes and also about some general facts related to wine. This is fun trivia and there are[Read more]

Kay Kutchenriter

This is a simple guessing game that any wine loving adult will appreciate. It’s the traditional, “Guess how many ______ and win a prize” game! When we host parties I like to add “simple activity s…

Kathy Reid