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Final week of the year! Before you go into festive mode, catch up with a pile of games or gather with friends and family, we wanted to share this fabulous artwork Ben made! Earlier this month we were kindly invited to Playstation Experience in California to meet with players and press. It was super cool to meet with old and new players there, and get people to try our work-in-progress build.

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Hunter Prince (Justice League: Legacy) - DC Comics Database Marvel, Croquis, Marvel Comics, Manga, Dc Comics, Superman, Superhero, Superhero Art, Superhero Design

Hunter Prince is the son of Wonder Woman from an alternate timeline. After the Kindred were able to sing their song during the battle with the Justice League, it sent a signal to the cosmic force known as the Darkness to come to Earth. Diana of Themyscira was marked by the Fear creature due to the dark feelings buried inside her. Hunter was conceived as she was infected by the Darkness, in order for it to have a new type of embodiment which would be much more powerful. After learning this…

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