Woodworking hand planes

Achieve a smooth and professional finish with these essential woodworking hand planes. Discover top ideas and techniques to enhance your woodworking projects.
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Follow these pro tips, and put this workshop workhorse through its paces. When I started woodworking nearly a half century ago, I regarded my machines as the cast-iron kings of my workshop, and my collection of hand tools as quaint relics from our past. However, as I discovered how a properly sharpened plane could deli

Yohann Desu
So You Dropped Your No.4 Hand Plane? : 12 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Woodworking Tools, Diy, Metal, Garages, Woodworking Hand Tools, Homemade Tools, Woodworking Hand Planes, Best Hand Tools, Woodworking Tips

So You Dropped Your No.4 Hand Plane?: You were smoothing some wood, got a cramp, dropped your favorite hand plane on the floor and now it looks like this? No worries, it happens to the best. You don't need to throw it in the trash just yet. Together, we'll turn it into an even better h…

David Rickett